Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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I understand your concern about mercury poisoning. You must be very careful regarding associating your symptoms with mercury and your exposure from your teeth.

One of the problems I am sure you are aware of is that you can expose many individuals to different chemicals and you will not see any adverse reactions whatsoever. If however, you are just that one individual who reacts to exposure and no others react, you are given no attention.

The opposite corollary is at work too. If there is a one in a million chance that you will be the one who reacts to exposure, the physician should not look at one million individuals just to find you. The resources to look would be cost prohibitive. You also may not be affected by exposure.

I cannot comment on mercury and how it affects you. That would be the work of a toxicologist. There are assessments to determine tissue saturation of mercury. I think that is where your next direction should take you.

Dr. Corenman