Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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You have three different types of symptoms that can originate from different sources.

“Neck pain, shoulder pain, burning sensations, headaches” can originate from the neck itself. You have had a prior ACDF at C5-6 and degenerative changes both above and below. The two possibilities here could be lack of fusion of the C5-6 level (pseudoarthrosis) or pain from the degenerative changes at C4-5 or C6-7. Motion X-rays (flexion/extension views) can be valuable to diagnose a pseudoarthrosis but the gold standard for diagnosis is a CT scan.

“Pins & needle sensations, electric shocks sensations I feel like they start from my head/neck area then travels on down my whole body” can occur from compression of the spinal cord but there is no evidence of cord compression based upon MRI report.

“Dizziness, off balance, vertigo (swaying rocking sensations), ringing in my ears (Bilateral Tinnitus)” are not of cervical origin generally. There is however one diagnosis in which one of the vertebral arteries in the neck is narrowed or compressed and the blood flow is restricted to the base of the brain. This condition is very rare. I have looked for this diagnosis in at least 15 patients and have never found this disorder to be present.

The next stop for you could be a neurologist.

Dr. Corenman