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Dr. Corenman post=8038 wrote: I am assuming you have significant stenosis as you did have a central cord injury based upon your symptoms and you have two surgeons who want to perform surgery. If you have no stenosis and you developed SCWORA (spinal cord injury without radiological abnormalities), this would be very rare and unlikely.

Stenosis from fracture (injury) is different from developmental (degenerative) stenosis. In fracture stenosis, you probably would have had surgery that first fateful day. WIth developmental stenosis, you don’t have to have surgery immediately but the trend of surgeons is to put you in a neck collar to protect your cord and do surgery as soon as is feasible.

Dr. Corenman

Thanks, I’m still learning about this stuff and you’ve been a big help. I luckily did not suffer a fracture but reviewing the MRI with the doctors they showed me that I do have disk herniation/stenosis.
I’m meeting with an orthopedic spine surgeon soon and will input any updates I have in this thread. Thanks again Dr. Corenman for the fast replies, this is a great site.