Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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A SLAP lesion of the shoulder is a tear of the capsule on the top of the shoulder blade. This will cause shoulder pain especially with motion but should not cause any symptoms below the elbow and no paresthesias (pins and needles or numbness) below the elbow.

A positive Spurling’s test generally is present with nerve compression in the neck. I am not sure what “radial weakness 4/5 in left” is but I assume this is some weakness of the radial (thumb sided) muscles in the hand or forearm.

Your image report notes right sided C5-6 nerve compression (the C6 nerve). “A broad-based shallow central and right paracentral C5/6 herniation is noted with right uncinate hypertrophy narrowing the associated right c5/6 foramen and most likely touching the exiting right c6 nerve root”.

There is no report of any left-sided compression and that seems to be the side of your complaints. Do I have that right? As I have said before, I generally do not like to take a radiologist’s report verbatum but like to see the films myself.

Dr. Corenman