Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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A ‘small focal left paracentral disk protrusion at the C6-7 level’ can cause two separate sets of symptoms. One is neck pain. Disc tears regardless of whether there is a disc herniation present of not can cause central neck pain that can radiate into the top of the shoulders.

The second set of symptoms are radiculopathy or compression of a nerve root. In this case, it would be the C7 root. This nerve covers the arm into the middle three fingers. Pain from this nerve can radiate from the side of the neck into the hand. Numbness would follow the same pattern.

If you have a kyphosis of the thoracic spine measuring greater than 50 degrees, especially if Scheuermann’s disorder is associated (see website), this can cause burning mid-back pain with prolonged standing and activity.

Dr. Corenman