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I have never ending pain in my right side of my neck, shoulder, arm, fingers, scapular,in my arm pit, down back and now even in my chest area. I had a fusion in November of ’07 of my c5-6 and right after surgery I felt as if something was stuck in my throat, it still does today. I have had many ESI’s, nerve blocks, nerve burnings but still have chronic pain. For about the last 3 months I have this pain that when I lay down or stand up it feels like when the blood goes to my shoulder and arm and even to my outer fingers that my circulation is being cut off and I get extreme pain. It is now starting somewhat in my left arm, ect. I have a tremor in my right hand that started after a fall that I took at work in ’04, but no one can tell me why or what has caused this. I have more bulging disc in my neck, the C2-3, C4-5 and C6-7. I also had a L5-S1 Charite disc replacement in January ’06 and still am having chronic pain in low back and down legs. Please help me figure out what my problem is, as I live in pain each and every day and all conventional measures are not working. I am on so many meds and have tried even more, but know are working. I also have chronic headaches and some mornings I wake up and immediately loose my vision and start throwing up. I rarely get any sleep and it is wearing me out. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I also forgot to mention that I have had 2 EMG’s done and he said that he only sees that I have carpal tunnel in my hands. I feel however, that there is some nerve impingement somewhere in my neck that is causing my pain.