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Doctor Corenman,

Thank you for the reply. I truly appreciate the information. Upon physical examination, I did not have any long tract signs a few months ago when I visited my neurosurgeon. But I believe I have dysesthesias in my lower extremities. I get abnormal sensations that are difficult to describe. At times they are pins and needles and others it is almost a burning and numb feeling. However, sometimes these symptoms disappear. Is this a concern with compression or could this be from indentation of the cord. I am just confused about my clinical presentation because I really have no pain but have neurological symptoms.

Currently, I am taking MSM, Chondroitin, and Glucosamine. In addition, I am taking Wobenzym N which is a natural homeopathic supplement with papain, Bromelain and other enzymes. Through research from some of my medical articles I have access to from school I read about enzymatic degradation of the disc. Would you recommend these supplements? Thank you again. Have a good week.