Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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I can tell you that some or your symptoms can be related to the neck but others are more cranially mediated (these can only originate from the brain and not the spinal cord).

These are cranially mediated;
Foggy headedness–Don’t feel grounded or centered when walking
Sometimes trouble with eyes focusing properly
Heart starts to pound when neck is in certain position (wake up with neck hurting and heart pounding–this seems to subside when I then switch sides)
**Sometimes when I lay down, it feels like my brain is shutting down and if I don’t open my eyes back up something will happen–pass out or pass on?. I have to struggle to open my eyes and when I do it takes a few seconds to focus them. This has been occurring episodically for 2 years now and is a rather frightening

There is a syndrome of vertebral artery insufficiency where the artery in the vertebra that supplies blood flow to the base of the brain has intermittent compression and can cause some of the above symptoms. I have looked for this disorder in many patients and have yet to find my first patient with this syndrome.

The other symptoms could originate from the degenerative discs or facets in your neck. The stenosis (narrowing) of the spinal canal could cause some others (see myelopathy under cervical spine).

Anxiety can also cause some of your symptoms. If you have a “revved up” nervous system (which is really what anxiety is), you can become hyper-vigilant and typical everyday symptom “noises” that everyone experiences becomes something that you become focused on and might worry about.

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Dr. Corenman