Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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Your “numbness and tingling in the fingers of the left hand” could be from cervical radiculopathy (see website for explanation) but your MRI report only notes right nerve compression (“c6-c7 decreased T2 nuclear signal with a small right par central protrusion. Mild right c7 foraminal stenosis”). There are many other disorders that can cause numbness and tingling. Look under “Nerve entrapment/compression” to understand these other conditions.

Scapular pain commonly originates from the neck. This can develop from degenerative discs, facets and compressed nerves. This pain can also originate from the shoulder.

Your MRI report is not too bad. You should be able to manage these symptoms with therapy and medications. Injections can also be very effective. Chiropractic can also be effective for symptoms. The curve of your neck (“dextrocurvature whose apex is at c6-c7”) is by itself nothing to worry about. A chiropractor will not be able to “straighten” this curve out but should be able to help you manage with your symptoms.

Surgery is only indicated if you have spinal cord compression, nerve compression leading to motor weakness or intolerable pain. You have none of these according to your report.

Dr. Corenman