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Thank you so much. I thought it wasent too bad, but wanted to know what you thought. I hope that it dosent turn into surgery at some point (would love to know what you think about this possibility for someone my age).

As I said, I no longer have the numbness and tingling, that seemed to have resolve with being conscious of the way I walk, sit, stand, sleep, work. What is puzzling me though is the only remaing pain that I have right now feels like a ligament or muscle or something that is caught tight. If I turn my neck up to the left, down to the left, and just about anywhere left, it pinches the area that seems to be to the left of C7. Can that be the ligamentum hypertrophy? Yet, as you said, everything points to the right side and I have not symptoms on my right side. I am a bit apprehensive about chiropractic manipulation on the neck given the bulges and protrusions.

As an aside, I starting taking 1,000mg of curcurium a day about 3 months ago to replace the NAISDs. I do yoga, and I do cervical traction at home on a device that I hang over my door. I use about 20 pounds for 10 minutes. I also read, and started to do post isometric release excercises around my neck and do McKenzie neck excercises. Lastly, I go to accupunture about 1x per month.