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Thank you Dr. Corenmon. Sorry for the delayed respopnse.

Had a couple of questions on the L5-S1 bulge. Though this is currently not a major problem – however, if the bulge increases and/ or the symptoms increase, will the only surgey possible be a ‘disectomy and fusion’ or would a microdisectomy suffice? The reason I ask is I have never read any micro-disectomy and/or disectomy study about central disc herniations – most data available online seems to only cover lateral or paracentral and lateral herniations and seem to exclude patients with central disc herniations. Is this because disectomies for central herniations have no or low success?

Also, if micro-disectomies have a low success, what is the success rate (in terms of return to a close to normal life) for disectomy & fusion surgeries for central disc herniations?

Thanking you in advance for your response.