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The herniation per the MRI report is actually at L4-L5 and encroachment of the moderate fomamina, nad fairly lateral recess. My Orthopedic told me when he reviewed the MRI scan told me he did not think an injection would really help. Since the original post, I have had problems with my bladder in which I could not initiate a void and had to cath mylself. I have already been seen by a urologist and the cath was the treatment as they feel I have a neurogenic bladder. My question is what can suddenly caused me t have a neurogenic bladder. I have noticed low back pain while sitting, and pain while stretching out my left knee at times. It normally wakes me up at night but not every night. I have the hip pain when bending or stooping, and after activity I have pain sometimes in ambulation. My Ortho and PCP told me I have some clinical presentations of fibromyalgia which if I do have that, my symptoms are worse with physical activity especially the next am. Can you define what is meant by a large broad based central disc protrusion— what is a central disc protrusion and what is meant by encroachment of foramin(moderate), and what is moderate lateral recess compromise?