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My symptom are lower back pain ranging from a 8 1/2 out of ten, I was diagnosed with scheuermann’s disease when I was 13 so can’t really say how or why this happened but didn’t think to much of it till now, but consist back pain started November 2011, I work in child care and I thought I pulled something. Pain comes every morning every night, not so much during the day cause I work but when I’m at home doing nothing I really hurt. I can’t sit for long periods of time nor can I sit in a car to long. I am seeing a spine specialist at the moment but he say that there’s nothing he can really do as I have 3 degenerative disc. I am having injections placed into the 3 areas to see if it’s just one disc that is causing my pain. My back prevents me from doing sport, dancing, playing with the kids at work, can’t bend or pick up children and loss of sleep.