Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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Your images note that you have central spinal stenosis of L4-5. See the section regarding this disorder on the website to have a greater understanding.

Central stenosis generally causes symptoms with standing and walking. These symptoms are a dull ache and “numbness” of the lower pelvis and thighs that increase the longer you are standing. Walking distances are limited by these symptoms. Sitting or lying down will relieve symptoms.

There is the “flat back walking posture” which you can adopt. This reduces the lumbar lordosis by posteriorly rotating the pelvis. This has the same effect as bending forward while walking.

Can you avoid surgery? Possibly. You can try epidural steroid injections which can be quite effective for short or medium term relief. There are rare occasions that patients are “cured” of the symptoms. The compression obviously does not go away but the patient seems to be able to tolerate this compression. There is the small risk that living with this compression can cause arachnoiditis (see website).

Dr. Corenman