Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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Your symptoms could be from a number of sources. The bladder problems can rarely occur from the spine but that would be unusual. There is the chance you have arachnoiditis from your original disorder or from the surgery. An MRI of your lumbar spine would help to diagnose the presence or absence of intra-canal problems that could cause your bladder symptoms. (See website)

The pain in your sacroiliac region could be from a lack of solid fusion from the prior surgery (pseudoarthrosis), compression of a nerve root, chronic radiculopathy (see website) or even originate from the sacroiliac joint itself (sacroiliac instability). A thorough work-up of your spine could reveal the source of these problems.

By the way- “tailbones” (the coccyx) rarely fracture. These bony segments are connected by ligaments and even though these ligaments can be injured (coccydynia), this is a rare condition.

Dr. Corenman