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Thank for the reply

Please find above link for the MR Images taken on the day of injury (12/05/2012).

> as on today (12 june 2012) my father can walk normally ,can stand straight ,having no problem in zipping a zipper/inserting key in a key hole or writing (his signatures are also alright).

>on 26.may.2012 USG done for
1. Hepato-Billary Systems
2. Genito-Urinary System
3. Retroperitonem
shows no demonstrable abonormality except excessive bowel gases.

> on 4th June evening catheter was removed to check bladder functioning , atleast three or four times he urinated well on his own but next day morning he was again put on catheter due to retention.

> 7th June 2012,due to fever, he underwent pathological tests for
1. Complete Heamogram
2. Maleria Antigen
3. Urine Examination
4. Widal test
and is daignosed with typhoid ( S pythi “o” and S pythi “H” positive in 1:80 dilution) ) and taking antibiotics for the same .

> Ever since discharge from hospital he is regularly taking naturopathy for clearing bowel ,massaging etc feeling relaxed except bowel/bladder problem.

> in the year 2004 ,he was bedridden for almost 3 months due to severe pain on lumber disks L4 and L5 (I donot have much details).
and recovered without surgery with the help of a Chiropractor cum physiotherepist within 3 days.

>Dr please tell us how long can we wait before undergoing surgery ?