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Dr Corenman, can I just clarify how motor weakness and numbness show themselves?

I do have occasional pain causing a feeling in my ankles (particularly the left ankle, but also less so in the right) that I have badly sprained my ankle and can’t put any weight on it. This will last for a while (1/2 hour or so) and then fades away until my ankle feels fine again. I have not thought that this is how motor weakness would show itself, but I am not sure.

As for numbness, I do have in the top of my feet, around my ankle and lower leg, a reduction of sensation where touching lightly cannot be felt, but if I rub in the same place, I can feel that. I have this same loss of sensation over my wrists and lower forearm. I have assumed that numbness means a total loss of sensation as if I had slept on it causing it to go completely asleep with no feeling at all.

I am correct in thinking that what I have does not count as motor weakness nor numbness?