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rkassam post=1273 wrote: I have no motor weakness of the foot dorsiflexors and plantar flexors that I have noticed.  I seem to be able to walk on my heels and toes for some distances.

I realize that surgery is not a 100% cure all as there is always a risk of re-herniation.  So if pain is tolerable why go for surgery.

However, I am confused about this whole large centrally herniated disc situation.  As this type of herniation is not  as frequent  it is not as easy finding information on it.

From my research in scientific journals, I have found that a central prolapse is apt to increase in size, which may develop rapidly.  Since this type of prolapse can lead to nerve damage that may not be fully recoverable even after surgery, it maybe advisable to perform surgery in order to prevent progression. That is  it’s better to do the surgery in a non emergency situation were there is no risk of irreversible nerve damage than in an emergency situation.

As I am not from a medical background, I might just be reading to much into this.  What do you think?

Thank you for your input.

Thank you for posting your last question. Is it better to go ahead with surgery when the current situation is non emergent or wait till you can no longer tolerate the pain and the situation is emergent.