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Hi Doctor
I am starting to think I maybe should of just stayed in pain instead of having the surgery that I had 31 days ago I am in so much oain seem to be getting worse everyday and I am getting very sore in about 15cm roughly from my right buttock feels like it is stretchingand very painful dont know if that makes sense I go to see my surgion on tuesday the 2/12/14 in Australia he had me have a xray of the lumbar spine The report says There is a moderate left lateral tilt to the lumbar spine. Posterior and anterior metallic fixatures are transfixing the L5/S1 level.Please see radiographs for detail. No loosening of the scews is seen. Mild retrolisthesis of L1,L2 and L3 was noted.Degenerative spurring of the lumbar vertebral bodies was noted.COMMENT. Posterior and anterior fusion at the L5/S1 Level please see films for detail of alignment. so with the sytoms Iam feeling at the moment with right thigh numbness and burning and bruising sensation even when my clothing touches it feels uncomfortable also my top of my buttoch feels numb left leg just aches getting a bit of pain in right calf but just started but off and on sorry for being a pain dr and I know it is a bit hard to know with out seeing my films just dont know what to do can not live like this anymore going crazy with pain