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Hi Doctor was wondering if I could get some advice off you as I am very scared at the moment I am still in a lot of pain from my last surgery i do have different symtoms or should i say the pain is in different areas i have a lot of pain in my left buttock which runs into my hamstring then i have pain in th bottom of my foot and my big toes are numb also my right thigh is still numb and i get a burning feeling there also and when i touch it with my hands it feels like it is bruised badlywhen i walk if i put my left foot down flat i get a lot of pain in left buttock and the buttock area just below my back feels a bit numb but not as numb as my right thigh it has been nearly four weeks since surgery so i know it takes time to recover but the pain in left buttock really scares me at the moment sorry for being a pain doctor just do not know what to do