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Hi doctor thanks again for this service I have had surgery on my back as I had a non Union fusion at the L5/S1 so I had my surgery on the 30/10/14 so about two weeks roughly the surgery was about 9 hours my surgeon first cut me from behind and took the screws out and also done some work on a compressed nerves and cut some bone out then they turned me over made a incision in my stomach and took the bolts out and cleaned it up and put bigger and thicker bolts and also took some graft off my pelvis then stitched me up then turned me over again then undid the sticking and from what I can understand put a plate in and tighten up the screws then ditch me up it was a very painful experience something I could not go through again just a couple of questions which might seem a bit silly being that the op was not that long a go but my right thigh is very numb and it feels like it is on fire and when I feel it with my hand it feels like it is bruised and the bruised feeling changes place in different areas every time I touch it also this symptom has only started in the last four to five days but seems to be getting worse that being my left bum check is very sore just to touch when I am sitting or even when I try to walk and put my left foot flat on the ground I get a shooting pain in the bum left side my left big toe is numb also got some pain in left calf and on the bottom of left foot get a electric shock numb kind of feeling but the pain in the left bum is really sore sorry doctor for being s pain but this being my fourth back surgery and I am really worried because I can not take much more of this pain just not coping it has been a very long road so I hope it is just everything taking Time to settle down thanks again doctor