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Hi Doctor
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Radiology I have reveiwed the bone scan and Ct scan performed recently Bone Scan. This continues to show quite significant uptake at the L5/S1 articulation.Considering it is almost 18 months since his surgery this is likely to correlate with some form of non union at the L5/S1 level It could also be ongoing osteoplastic reaction. There is also uptake at the L4/S1 facet joints.CT scan This was performed in february 2014. There does appear to be some bone integation at the endplates however it is diifficult to see a solid consistent union through the previously performed PLIF fusion. Plan I am of the opion that Mark presents two likely pain generators 1Non union L5/S1 fusion 2.L4/5 facetogenic pain source. I will ask that he have an L4/5 facet joint injection to see if this provides him with some relief. If it doesn’t then I would be more inclined to think that his pain is arising from an L5/S1 non union.