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Hi Doctor
Sorry here is the rest of the surgeon report I accidently sent the other post His presenting profile includes 1. current symptoms. Back pain is the number one issue here .He has pain that radiates into the buttocks .He does get pains down the legs as well,more so on the right than left however the back is the primary problem at the moment. 2. Duration of symptoms Many years 3. Pain score 8/10 4. Background history. He had a work related injury about 15 years ago .At that stage he was working as a printer and lifted a heavy pallet, and had an L5/S1 disc herniation.5. Background surgical history. He had an initial discectomy and follow up nerve root decompression with DR at St. Vincents. He had his fusion performed in late 2012 with DR . 6.His health is otherwise pretty good .He has some high blood pressure but apart from that he is a non smoker. There is no Diabetes.
Examination General appearence .He is a male of stated age who is in obvious discomfort.Lumbar Spine. There are seeral midline incisions consistent with previous spinal operations Lower Limbs He has an absent right ankle reflex and some S1 sensory changes Gait antalgic gait pattern favouring the left leg.Straight leg raise 90 left,70 right