Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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A therapy program should consist of strengthening the support muscles, conditioning these muscles to work for long periods (maintaining strength over a prolonged period) and stretching the supporting contracted ligaments and capsules. Ergonomics is the understanding of lifting mechanics and the trained avoidance of bad positioning that would put your back in jeopardy.

The “spinal decompression” machine is simply a traction machine. It does not put anything “back into place”. I have no specific objection to these spinal decompression machines like the DMX 9000 except the “sales programs” associated with them. You do not need more than two “treatments” to find if they are effective for you personally. I personally think these machines are not that effective.

I have not as of yet placed significant time into a published rehabilitation program except in my books but I do have some videos that cover some of the basics of biomechanics. Look under the header: videos- television interviews and you will find some good information there.

Dr. Corenman