Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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First question is what is your current diagnosis? Is this a recurrent disc herniation or something else (lateral recess stenosis, degenerative disc disease or???). A current MRI is in order along with X-rays including flexion and extension films.

Second question is the amount of central lower back pain vs. leg pain you have? Buttocks and sacroiliac pain are considered leg pain. If the amount of leg pain is greater than back pain, this is more likely a compressive nerve problem and can be solvable by a micro decompression surgery. If back pain is the predominant pain, you will have to understand what a small decompression can do and what this procedure cannot do.

Central back pain is generally caused by disc failure and lack of shock absorption. A microsurgery (not a fusion) can help some of the lower back pain but generally will not eliminate most back pain.

Yes I can perform a laminectomy (you probably mean laminotomy). I do these procedures about 6-8 times per week.

Dr. Corenman