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Dear Dr Corenman,
Many thanks for your reply. I read the IDR topic and found it very informative. It certainly strikes a chord with me. I have mostly been walking-an hour a day and stationary biking every second day. I have been doing water aerobic classes and have noticed my pain intensifies after these. I went to bed about four hours after the class and the pain in my hips just ignited and I had two hours of it before I could sleep. I tend to flare my sciatica too.
I am trying to stay active but is this doing more harm than good?.
Also from what I read about foraminal stenosis people get this age 50-60 years, I’m 35 and wondering if this is just going to get worse or can it settle?.
Should I see a specialist about this and if so should it be orthopaedics or neurosurgery?.
I don’t have any medications sorted yet.
I sincerely appreciate your advice.