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OK, doc, tell him that they delivered me the results of the latest NMR dated June 24, and reads as follows:
a lumbosacral spine MRI had been cut at the levels of profile and transversus. They used techniques to study tissue T1 and T2 relaxation times
the review shows:
* Tracks surgical at the level of the lower lumbar segment to correlate with a history of the patient.
* There is dehydration of the L4 – L5 disc
* Decrease in altitude and dehydration of the L5-S1 disc
* Hernia occurs posterocentral with predominantly clockwise at the L5-S1 level.
* It descends to flow occupying the right lateral recess and making contact with the nerve root on the right side
* Morphology and sign of the vertebral bodies is preserved.
* Medullary Cone and horsetail without specificities.

This is the summary of the report of the MRI and let me know if you, also believes that this can be absorbed over time, and that kind of activity can I do? According to my doctor neurologist, I have two options, wait for it to absorb or to operate on me again. you view on the subject?