Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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Your surgeon could be correct that this is scar tissue causing root compression but that is not very common. Again, with your symptoms being bilaterally symmetrical with burning to both feet, peripheral neuropathy can also be a diagnosis. See the new section on peripheral neuropathy on this website.

The foraminal stenosis could be causing your symptoms. Again, keep a pain diary to determine if that nerve root is the cause of your pain. See the section on pain diary to understand how to record the results. A successful injection (three hours of temporary pain relief) will identify the root involved.

This temporary relief does not mean however that the nerve compression is absolutely causing the root dysfunction. If the root has previous injury from the original herniation (see section on nerve root recovery and chronic radiculopathy), surgical manipulation or even scar tissue (rare), this injection will yield relief.

Dr. Corenman