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Dear Dr Coleman

Thank you for setting up this website.

I damaged my back (spasm QL) in Aug 13 and partially recovered via, painkillers and some chiropractor help. In early Sept 14 after going for a jog, my hamstring gave me some problems resulting in gradual severe pain from sitting down. After seeing a chiropractor and sports masseur and no relief, I was referred for an MRI and now have been diagnosed with a disc herniation and sequestered fragment that is impinging on S1 nerve.

The fact 5 months have passed do you think I should go straight for a Disectomy? and not mess with conservative treatment and injections.

Is there any possibility of recurrent of the disc herniation?
What happens to those part of the disc when the soft tissue being removed would it regrow or remain as empty ?

Will I recover in time to go skiing within 2 months?
Thank you