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Dr. Corenman,
Dr. Corenman,

I posted this in a different topic, but for some reason it didn’t stick.

I am now 6-weeks post-op, and as I mentioned previously, immediately after surgery, my numbness and weakness increased, which lasted about two weeks. At that point, the numbness started to dissipate, and the weakness started to improve, and today, 6 weeks post-op, the numbness is only noticeable in the tip of my left index finger, and I feel weakness is slowly improving. However, I have noticed that I still get some electrical “shock” sensations in my left hand, where the numbness used to be if I position my neck certain ways. For example, if I pull my head back like I’m trying to make a double-chin, or if I tilt my head back too far to drink water. This doesn’t hurt, but it feels like a sharp zap. My concern is that the nerve root is still being impinged, despite the fact that I had surgery. I am curious to get your thoughts, as I don’t have an appointment with my NS for another two months. Thanks!