Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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It appears that you have had a previous fusion surgery (ACDF) at C6-7. It that accurate? If so, how long ago was the surgery and what was the outcome? You might have a non-union (lack of fusion) at that level.

The initial surgery should have taken the spurs off the uncovertebral joints at C6-7. The fact that you have neck and shoulder pain now indicates these spurs have reformed. The only way these could have reformed is with motion of the fusion level (or the fact that they were not removed in the first place).

The CT scan is the correct tool to determine if this level has fused in the first place. If the radiologist did not comment on the fusion status, ask for this radiologist to answer this question. There should be no change for the same radiologist to reread these images.

An epidural injection might be very helpful to calm this level down if this is indeed the pain generator.

Dr. Corenman