Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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The radiologist’s job is to report on the integrity of the fusion mass found on CT. Ask for an addendum report with the specific question as to fusion status. Is it fused or not?

If it is not, this brings up more questions about pain generation of the fusion area. If the fusion is solid, then the levels above and below come into question.

The only curiosity is why you have continued foraminal stenosis at the previously operated level if in fact it is fused. If it is fused, the bone spurs should not grow larger as motion causes spur formation. This brings into question as to the origin of the spurs. Were they not fully addressed during the original surgery?

If so, why would you have relief for a year after surgery and then re-aggravate the symptoms? A selective nerve root block would shed some light as to the causes of your pain. See SNRB and pain diary on this website to understand how this test reveals the origin of the symptoms.

Dr. Corenman