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Dear Dr. Corenman,

Thank you for all your suggestions and directions it has been very helpful. I am still bouncing back and forth in the system. I am due to have a CAT Scan of the L5-S1 next week to view fractures.
I had a cervical CAT Scan on the 15th, the neurosurgeon asked if my doctor had informed me of the lucenies. I had not been notified. I requested my report from member services today and it read, “Numerous small lucencies are noted throughout the vertebral bodies and posterior elements. Findings raise the possibility of a marrow replacing process such as metastatic disease or multiple myeloma. No evidence of a pathologic fracture.
I emailed my doctor to tell her the surgeon informed me and I requested my report. She responded with ordering bloodwork for multiple myeloma. Two years and counting with no one believing me.. if I didn’t insist on a recheck for my Schwannoma I wouldn’t be as far as I am today. Does every lucency suggest cancer? Thank you- Mary