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Dr. Corenman,
Thank you so much for your response!!! My schwannoma was on the right side. I had a laminectomy of L1, L2 and portions of L3. They started gradually after the schwannoma. The debilitating pain was gone. I did have issues with my back, but the paled in comparison. I was surprised that the sensation that lingered was my left second toe (glass sensation). I was surprised because it was my right side that was affected.
Last week I was sent to a new neurosurgeon and he confirmed your thoughts of L5 nerve injury, but he told me that the feeling of “walking on glass” is not related to that specific area. I should be having the sensation on the top of my feet?
You are an absolute blessing with this board. I have had so many responses from physicians where I believe they feel it is psychological… but the pain is so very real.
Thank you so much,