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Dear Dr. Corenman,

My question this evening is concerning the multiple lucencies in vertebra C2 and T2. I had completed all labs for multimyeloma and they were negative. My daughter’s boss’s husband is an oncologist. After reviewing the scan he too, believes as well they are benign. The neurosurgeon I see on campus has suggested an MRI to be repeated in 6 months to be safe. He said that a bone biopsy was, “No walk in the park.” I have also seen a “movement” neurologist (Upper right quadrant pain and neuropathy). He ordered a brachial plexus MRI w/wo contrast for the neuropathy and pain in my right upper quadrant. The results were no lesions, no compression, musculature was normal, right lung apex was unremarkable. No lymphadenopathy was seen. The report again noted multiple hemangioms/lipomas redemonstrated with C2-T2.
Is it possible the multiple hemagiomas are causing weakness and pain in my neck, right arm, right shoulder and shoulder blade? The diagnosis that was given before the MRI (brachial plexus) was brachial plexus neuritis. This was after an examination. My husband said that every time I was tested for sensations on my right side with the pin tip I felt it was the dull end. I know the lower portion could be from my spondylothesis or previous schwannoma surgery, but this upper body pain has me unable to drive a car, blow dry my hair, etc…
The neurosurgeon said he can fix the neuropathy for my legs and feet with invasive bone fusion, but I am still trying to fine answers for this debilitating pain in the upper quadrant. He himself was at a loss. Many, Many thanks in advance, Mary