Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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You must go back to the beginning to start to figure out where the pain could originate. I understand you have had multiple failed procedures. The question is still where the origin of your pain generator or generators are.

Has anyone looked at the fracture of L1-2 (or T12-L1 if you have six true lumbar vertebra) for pain generation? Nerve root injury at this level can radiate pain down into the lower lumbar spine. What type of fracture was in the L1-2 area? Was it a simple compression fracture, a burst fracture, a flexion-distraction fracture, a fracture subluxation or dislocation?

Has anyone performed diagnostic blocks (see ESI/SNRB and pain diary on this website) to determine any potential pain structures? Did you have discograms performed (see website)?

If I understand you correctly, you had a spinal cord stimulator placed that was unsuccessful. Where was it placed and why did it not work?

You had a shock absorption spacer placed above the level of your fusion at L6-S1. What does your MRI look like now? Is there degeneration of this level after that spacer was placed?