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Happy holidays Dr Corenman

My procedure with Dr Evans on Dec was an absolute success. As suspected the L5/S1 left side nerve root (zone#1) has been the culprit that has caused me considerable agony for the past 15 years. EPIC breakthrough is an understatement.

While my disorders were separated into 3 zones of which we determined two were of primary concern, Dr Evans successfully addressed the nerve root with both pain medicine and steroid.

I maintained a fairly complete pain diary, but the emotional importance you advised me to pay particular attention to was paramount. I have no doubts that this particular nerve is the original and underlying injury, and pain in zone #2 and #3 are secondary to or a cascade from zone #1.

Dr Evans and the entire staff in Edwards were the most professional people I’ve encountered outside of your consultation and direction. The facility was both impeccable and inspiring. Words fail me here.

Thank You.

How should I communicate with your staff to begin our next stage in the process?

Dr. Evans noted that you were quite busy thru the major part of the ski season. I expected this and do not feel I need to inject myself into your busy schedule until you are through your heaviest work load. 15 years is a blip in time knowing that you have provided me the knowledge to see this process thru til a profoundly positive outcome.

I’m aware that the medicine/steroid cocktail will run its course and I will probably have to handle the pain returning, but my mental/emotional condition has improved remarkably and I feel I have I am in a better shape to prepare myself for the next phase.

I was able to walk 5.5 miles yesterday without pain in zone #1, this is farther than all of my previous attempts during the 2 two level transforaminal epidurals that I received earlier this year in Florida.

The nerve root’s ability to allow communication is still being limited by the disorder, but i am absolutely aware that until an actual surgical procedure occurs I will be able to handle whatever issues this nerve throws at me. I’m not planning a return to the World Cup. Yet….