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Thank you for the reply Dr. Corenman! Sorry for my late reply. Thank you for the ray of hope. I’ve done tons of research on cervical radicualopathy. I’m scheduled for a new MRI/check up with blood work on Nov 12 and then speaking to a surgeon or specialist on Nov 20. I sure hope I’ll be a candidate for surgery and have my quality of life improve greatly!

Despite all my research I do have several questions…(Sorry for the length, I’m just trying to be as accurate and clear as possible)

First off, how do I share pictures? I can’t share links that have pictures that show all the areas that hurt which would be much easier..but I digress.

1) I was wondering if it’s possible for spasms to make noise? If I move my affected area in certain ways I can feel popping from my trapezius down my arm (especially the elbow which pops). When I put my hand over spasms and tender areas I can feel popping,although when I press on them they don’t pop. Physical therapists and one doctor have said the noise was coming from muscles that have tightened up and in spasm caused by a compressed nerve in C5/C6.
The space b/w my neck and shoulder is the most tender area and has a stretch of spasms that go down my upper back a few inches. There’s plenty of pictures that show tender/trigger points when certain discs are affected which I wanted to share. So I hope you know what I’m talking about.It feels like someone is stabbing me with an ice pick at the top of the spasms b/w the neck and shoulder. And it feels like the entire left trapezius is in spasms.
Although when I lay on a tennis ball and put it on the bottom of my trapezius right under the bottom of the scapula the spasms loosen up and no loud noises occur..I wonder what’s going on there? It seems as if I got trigger points and I’ve had many trigger point injections to no relief. Right now I’m also really confused on trigger points..Can having Cervical Radiculapthy cause trigger points or are they a whole different thing? When I search for “cervical radiculopathy” and “trapezius spasms’ the pictures that show my area of pain come from myofascial trigger point websites..oh I’m so confused!! I wish I was back in the states so I could ask a spine
In conclusion, I bring this up because…
Since these areas are where the spasms,tightness,and pain are.. I hear popping and crackling noises all over these areas from top to bottom. Can big tight spasms make these popping and crackling noises?

Because I just stumbled upon “snapping scapula” / Scapulothoracic crepitus-bursitis (which I read can be confused for cervical Radiculopathy) and I’m the paranoid type…because the areas I told you about are around the scapula and trapezius and I saw a video of someone who had snapping scapula and it made me scared that I might have that although none of my physicians of any kind brought it up.
And as I said, knowledgeable physical therapists and an old dr have said all the pain, popping and crackling are from the spasms on the upper left portion and is coming from cervical radicuopathy…but some reassurance would be nice..How do you tell the the difference between the two?
(I’m asking here because I’m in Thailand and sometimes there’s a language barrier even though I can speak Thai)

2) I forgot to mention that I had 2 MRIs done but they had different results
(All results said there was mild to moderate narrowing, nothing about disc bulges and I heard sometimes a little compression can cause a lot of pain and other people may have full on disc herniations but not feel anything)

When I had one done in the U.S. it showed nerve compression in 2 areas : C3/C4 and C5/C6 but when I did one out here in Thailand it only showed C5/C6, I looked online and found different answers and was wondering what’s your take? because I do feel tightness in my neck, behind the ear and jaw area.

(BTW: I read your page on ‘When to Have Surgery’ and although my MRI’s both said mild to moderate narrowing I’ve heard from a good therapist and your page confirms that even though there’s only slight compression (not a herniation or disc protrustion) it can still cause a lot of pain since the nerve is sensitive which seems to be my case..I mean I go through periods where I just get tired and can’t take the pain anymore despite medication and I find regular tasks hard to do and just stay in bed.. which is WHY I want this to be gone for good!)

Thank you for directing me to see what nerves go where..believe me I’ve done a lot of research and I’ve been coming up with different results and pictures but the majority tend to say the same thing but I wanted to hear from you Doctor and others…