Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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The initial impact or the first accident would have pushed you towards the passenger side. The rebound sounds like you suffered a secondary impact against the window and door. The second impact might have aggravated the previous injury.

The hip labrum tear is not my speciality. The neck most likely had preexisting degenerative changes that were aggravated by the first accident. Suffering from pain along the entire spine can have many sources. You could have injured multiple areas of the spine, developed somatization syndrome or have pain generated from the neck that refers down the spine.

I appreciate you sending an AP x-ray of the spine but that by itself won’t reveal the source of problems. DIagnosis needs to be made with a good history and physical examination, evaluation of x-rays and MRI or CT myelogram and possibly other specialized tests.

I do think you need to see a spine specialist to sort out your problems.

Dr. Corenman