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Dr Corenman,

Forgive me, my initial message is unclear. I was hit on the driver side but in front of the car’s seated area. I was basically sitting still when a car hit me going about 40 mph or more. The physics of the situation actually mean that the driver side window hit me because I was inert. The car was pushed and I stayed still. So the initial hit was to my head, using Newton’s laws of physics.

I think, that is what you meant also, but I wrote it badly…sorry.

I would show you additional pictures, but I am unable to upload them for some reason…at least, more than one. I probably do feel emotional about things but I am experiencing real pain, and possibly as you wrote, referral pain. I realize that pain can fool your brain, but it does feel bad.

Thanks for giving me your point of view. I appreciate your time. If you have any further comments I would be glad for those as well.

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