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Do you think an MRI would make sense for me now, or is the CT scan sufficient?

If I fuse fully, do you think that would help the shoulder blade pain?

I know that you had said that an ACDF redo is harder if the front fully fuses. However, does the fact that I have instrumentation (rod and screws in the back on the right) in the back now, make a possible ACDF redo harder or easier or have no impact. What I mean is if the back is fused, would that make an ACDF redo easier or harder?

Lastly, is it unusual to have such a lengthy recovery from posterior surgery (I’ve been out from work 10 weeks)? Would your advice be to give it more time to see how this progresses (especially since the CT looks better) or do a third surgery this year in the form of a revision ACDF?

Hopefully, my case has proven interesting to you. Your advice has been extremely helpful.