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Sorry for the multiple messages, but the website was rejecting my initial complete message.

In summary, I am now 7 weeks post revision surgery, and the right arm numbness and right shoulderblade pain and numbness that went away completely for the first three weeks after surgery have come back. The arm and hand numbness are worse now than before the second surgery, and the shoulderblade pain and numbness are now almost as bad as before the first surgery. The arm and shoulderblade are made worse by turning my neck even slightly. The arm numbness is also made much worse by laying down with my head elevated and bending my arm at the elbow to read.

I am taking nerve pain medicine, muscle relaxants, and pain medicine. I wear a collar as needed. Surgical pain has improved, but the pain that the surgery was meant to address has now become horrible, after resolving.

I am thinking that this second surgery has now failed, but am baffled as to how it worked completely for three weeks, and now things are getting rapidly and progressively worse. I have been very careful and have no clue what may be happening. I appreciate any insight that you might have.