Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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In general, MRI findings have to be compared to the symptoms to be valid findings but in your case, this is an exception.

“C4-c5 Moderately large central disc herniation with moderate severe canal stenosis narrowing the canal too 6 mm. There is moderate compression of the cord centrally at this level”. This means that you have a large herniation that is compressing the spinal cord. The canal measures 6mm when a normal canal should measure at least 13mm.

You most likely need surgery for this. A good physical examination should be able to reveal how significant the cord compression is. See the section under cervical spine regarding central stenosis and myelopathy to understand what this could mean.

The C6-7 level has some degenerative changes but probably is not significantly symptomatic.

The lumbar spine has degenerative changes and some nerve compression findings but your symptoms would have to be compared to the images to make some sense of this.

The findings of an enhancing lesion along L2 is probably a finding that was present for a long time. Since it has not changed, it is something you probably do not have to worry about.

You need to see out a consultation by a spine surgeon who can help you to understand what problems you face and can perform an ACDF to the C4-5 level to take compression off the spinal cord.

Dr. Corenman