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Hi Dr Corenman,

I had my acdf in July and have been doing well. Aa you may or may not remember before my surgery my patellar reflexes were abnormal when checked. Left knee absent right knee hyper. No clonus. It was 10 months ago when they were abnormal.

Every reflex check since then has been normal. Also yesterday I had my reflexes checked again and they were both normal. As well as a normal neurological exam. Checked my legs for weakness and numbness and tingling. All normal this time.

I still haven’t had my lumbar mri as it takes a year to get one here in Canada.

I am somewhat concerned now that my reflexes are normal? And my dr said that if after I get my lumbar mri and that nothing abnormal is found then they will have to investigate further.

What other causes could that have been to cause abnormal reflexes? I have had a cervical mri just before my acdf and that was fine other than the extruded c6/c7.

I know that MS is something that causes abnormal reflexes but I have no other symptoms of that.

Just thought Id geyt your opinion as I still have 2 months to wait for my lumbar mri.

Thanks for your help.