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Thank you for your great explanations. You put things in clear, concise context for me.

And yes I am sure genetics plays a huge factor in my injury. I am also only 5’3 inches and weigh only 100 lbs and I was repeatedly lifting my 15 lb baby with my upper body only 4 to 5 times a night when I was nursing.
I guess my neck just eventually gave way. I wish I had been more careful but hindsight is 20/20.

The first neurosurgeon I saw reviewed my mri but only said I would be needing a 1 level fusion. My extruded c6,c7. Yet I have a small bulge at c5,c6 also.

Do you think a 1 level fusion would be sufficient?
I guess what I’m really wondering is if you think I will eventually need the adjacent c5,c6 level fused inevetably?

Or is that just a matter of wait and see?
Obviously I want to avoid any further surgeries. If possible of course.

Also for the last 5 yrs I have had some difficulty swallowing, sometimes double swallowing to get food down. Other times a pill may get stuck. It has been constant these past five years though. Not something that comes and goes like with MS. I have been to an ear nose throat specialist who found nothing.

I did however get sent for the radioactive iodine test and they found a benign thyroid nodule in my neck. They thought this may be causing my swallowing difficulty. They also thought it may be due to GERD as I do have frequent heartburn.

Anyway,I never had the nodule removed because it wasn’t too bad, however I know one of the side effects after acdf is difficulty swallowing.
Do you think swallowing will be even more of a difficulty for me?

Here in Canada it is quite a wait to get an appt with a neurosurgeon. My 2nd referral went in a month ago and I havent yet got an appt date for the initial meeting. It is very helpful to be able to ask you a few questions.

Lastly, the first neurosurgeon said my c6,c7 extrusion has not only pushed my spinal cord off to the right but said the extrusion is also ascending and descending. I think he was concerned it might turned into a sequestration.

Am I at any real risk of paralysis while I wait for an appt with the second neurosurgeon?

I basically lie in bed propped up all day and no longer lift anything. Anything else you would recommend?

Again, thank you for your valuable time. I appreciate it more than you know.