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Hi Dr Corenman,

I am still waiting to have my acdf surgery but I have a question for you.

As you know I herniated my c6,c7 after lifting my 20 lb baby repeatedly. No prior traumatic injuries except for a small fall.

This injury occured when my baby had just turned 3 months old. About 2 months before I had my baby I started to have a lot of problems with my wrists, they kept popping in and out of joint, I would literally have to shake them back into place. They would collapse on me if I tried to put any pressure on them at all. They were loose.

I asked my dr about that at the time and she said it was most likely due to relaxin preparing for the birth.

To this day I still have these problems with loose joints. So I went back to my gp yesterday and she said it is most likely relaxin related. So that got me thinking.

Do you think my sudden extruded disc after repeatedly lifting my baby could be due to the relaxin not going back to normal? Have you ever seen this, is this even a possibility?

My dr is starting to think my herniation may have something to do with relaxin.

Thank you for always being so helpful to me, I really appreciate your knowledge and your time Dr Corenman.