Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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I assume the nerve root compression is at the same level as the original compression. It is very good that you have no neck pain as your options are expanded. The symptoms that radiate into your thumb and index finger most likely indicate the C6 root (at C5-6). If you had a herniation at that level before, you probably have a combination of herniation and spur now.

Cervical surgery has four indications; Myelopathy (compression of the spinal cord), weakness of important motor groups (a C6 nerve would go to the biceps and wrist extensors), instability and pain that is not tolerable. Surgery for weakness is more of a value judgment but recovery of motor strength after surgery is not guaranteed. It is therefore probably better to not wait if weakness is a major factor.

Pain is the major surgical variable. If pain, numbness and paresthesias (pins and needles) are the only complaints, a program of physical therapy and nerve injections (SNRB- see web site)can be effective to control and manage the symptoms.

If the symptoms are intolerable, then surgery is warranted. Your choices are an ACDF (decompression and fusion) or an artificial disc. There are benefits and drawbacks with each (again- see website for descriptions of these).

Hope this helps.

Dr. Corenman