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Hello Dr. Corenman,

Last November my neurosurgeon performed a foraminotomy (c5 and c6) left side and removed posterior hardware (C3 thru C7). I am currently performing physical therapy and range of motion has increased nicely. My issues still are severe muscle spasms, left arm pain, dizziness, headaches, left anterior chest pain and left deltoid pain.

The past surgeries were anterior and posterior fusion with hardware (C3 thru C7).My current scans show moderate anterolisthesis C7/T1. This pain is quite bothersome and is brought on by sitting, standing, and with certain neck position. Any thoughts that can alleviate my problems? My physical therapist told me not much can be done from a p/t perspective because a number of levels are fused so movement is limited.

If surgery is warranted can this issue be addressed anteriorly verse posterior? any help would be appreciated and as always thank you for your time. It is appreciated.