Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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You note numbness and pain in your right arm and wrist for that last 11 years since a motor vehicle accident. After PT, the numbness abated but you developed neck pain radiating into your shoulder and arm. I assume it is the right side like the previous pain you experienced.

Your MRI is 4 years old. It noted at the time multiple levels of some degenerative change with the focal point at C5-6 associated with a disc bulge and bilateral neural foraminal narrowing. The narrowing is noted to be “mild” by the radiologist but terms like “mild” and “moderate” are subjective and may not be consistant radiologist to radiologist.

First, you need a good history and physical examination by a spine specialist. I like to teach that a diagnosis made by history and physical examination can reveal a diagnosis with 90% accuracy.

You most likely will need a new MRI as the last one is 4 years old and significant changes can occur in that period of time. Neck pain can be caused by the disc or the facet. Arm pain can be caused by nerve compression in the neck, shoulder, elbow or the wrist.

Dr. Corenman