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Location And Quality of Pain:
Pain started from the coxes lower end of the back and radiate in leg and lower back. Quality of pain is like injury or swelling.Quality of Pain changes (increases) with activity and no skin color changes when touched.

Percentage of Pain by Location:
Pain originates from lower back and radiates in left leg and back and pressed the nerve root. 80% back and 20% leg. Severe pain in posterior and in coxes.

Intensity of Pain:
6-10-VAS- for 2 years. Lower back 5-6 and leg 2-4. Very severe pain like injury.

Yes, muscles are weak due to pain and always cramp occur in muscles.

Onset and length of Time symptoms have been present:

Pain started 7 years ago and gradually increased. I cannot sit and cannot stand even for 2 minutes. I feel most pain while sitting and standing.


Activity causes severe pain in lower back and hurts me sitting and standing and bending towards. I cannot walk more than 20 minutes. Not mild pain rather severe pain in activity.

Pain intervals:
I never free from the pain in the day. Only feel relief lying in the bed straight. And I felt little bit better after physiotherapy only for one to two months but after that it came back to its original intensity.

Activity and Occupational Restriction:
Pain has changed my life. Every activity has been ended. I am on bed for the last 6 months and I am bearing this pain for the last 7 years.

MRI Recent report 7 days ago is:
Degenerative Disc Bulge L5/S1 in the small posterior.


No Liability of any corporation. A forceful impact occurred during plane landing. And after 3 years I joined gym. Then I got into this severe pain.

Previous Consultation or Treatment:
Within 7 years I’ve had many treatments but all were useless. Recently, Dr. advised me physiotherapy and some simple painkillers. And suggests me that you need no surgery but even after all these experiences I couldn’t get rid of this severe pain at all. I am very much disappointed. So, I am sending you my full history.
Kindly, Dr.Corenman help me getting rid of this pain.
NOTE: My pain is like needles are hurting/knocking inside me.
My nickname is Anila.
My real name is Attiya.
Previous Profession: Flight Attendant.